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The Nobel University Library gathers, organizes, preserves and provides access to the information resources necessary for the University to fulfill its educational, research, and service goals. Rapid technological advances are making it possible to access a world of information beyond the Library's walls. The Nobel University Library is committed to its students’ success by staying abreast in the latest technology in an effort to provide the tools necessary for academic excellence. The Nobel University Library is available to students and faculty during normal school hours. 


Students and faculty are able to search and check-out a wide array of Nobel University Library holdings using the library online catalog. Link to Nobel Online Library
Nobel University subscribes to online ebrary, a ProQuest® Business, which consists of a very specific and relevant collection of over 17,000 business and economic titles. All titles are multi-use titles which mean that all of our students can access the title simultaneously. This collection is generated through ebrary’s extensive relationships with 600+ publishers, and more than 500,000 titles, which serves the unique research need of our students, faculty, and other library patrons. Link to eBrary (only accessble in school network)
In addition, Nobel University also subscribes to LIRN®, a virtual library with millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journals, magazines, and newspaper articles, e-books, podcasts, audio and video resources, supporting students’ academic studies. These resources are acquired from Gale Cengage, ProQuest, EBSCO, CREDO Reference, e-Library, and more, covering topics for General Education and Business programs. Link to LIRN (passcode must be granted by the school office)
Nobel University provides online library workstations which allow students to fulfill their academic expectations. Furthermore, Nobel University’s workstations are readily available with full Internet access, software including Microsoft Office, and audio-visual equipment. In doing so, Nobel University supports its students with the proper educational tools to achieve their academic goals, complete course assignments, and enhance communication with faculty and peers. The online library workstations are available to students and faculty during normal library hours.
Students and faculty are also able to use America Evangelical University's Library and Grace Mission University holdings during normal school hours. America Evangelical University is located at 1818 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006. Grace Mission University is located at 1645 W Valencia Drive, Fullerton, CA 92833.
Additionally, students have access to the Los Angeles County Library and the Buena Park Public Library. Students can obtain a Library Card at no charge.


1. Nobel Online Library

2. eBrary (only Accessble in school network)

3. LIRN (Passcode must be granted by the school office)

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