The NUSA Student Association

On behalf of the board of directors, faculty, student and staff, we are pleased to announce that Nobel University has initiated a new networking association called the NUSA in order to secure our quality education and development of our students’ networks.

The NUSA is one of the associations that ensures a student-centered environment through education and advocacy. The mission of the NUSA is to promote intentional development, facilitate leadership development and encourage student growth. We deepen the Nobel experience through enriching student organizations, offering transformative leadership programs, advising campus programming, and challenging and supporting student leaders. We develop a campus culture of student engagement and involvement where all Nobel University students want to get involved and understand that involvement outside of the classroom is an expectation that positively contributes to their Nobel experience. This is an important milestone that shows Nobel’s commitment to maintaining the national level of quality post-secondary education to students, and the same high level of professional development to our students, faculty, and staff.

As we shift our direction of the institutional development to the NUSA, we hope you can see the benefits of our networking efforts in the near future. If you have any questions about Nobel University’s the NUSA process, please let us know by contacting us We are happy to share the information and the value of the NUSA Student Association with you.