As the President of Nobel University (NU), I welcome you to our school and congratulate you on your decision to seek higher education.

At NU, we are committed to practical education, one that fosters creative problem solving and effective communication. We recognize now, more than ever, that many different academic disciplines are essentially interrelated. Our challenge is to prepare students in specialized disciplines while accommodating a multi-disciplinary approach.

During your studies at NU, I encourage you to draw upon a wide range of fields, disciplines, and perspectives. Your ability to make reasoned choices by connecting information from a wide variety of sources will be of vital importance to you. Helping you learn how to make those connections — how to fit the pieces together — is a major thrust of our educational approach.

At NU, you will find dedicated professors, administrators, staff members, and students; all of whom care about higher education and the opportunities it affords. NU is proud of its strong academic tradition and cooperative campus environment, which complement one another in facilitating learning and growth. Today you embark upon a new educational path. I look forward to sharing with you the rewarding days ahead on our campus, and wish you much success in your educational endeavors.

Chong S. Kim