Applications for admission are taken year-round. Application forms are available online and from the Admission’s Office.


Prior to signing the enrollment agreement, we encourage you to review the school catalog and School Performance Fact Sheet. These documents contain important policies and performance data for this institution. This institution is required to have you sign and date the information included in the School Performance Fact Sheet relating to completion rates, placement rates, license examination passage rates, and salaries or wages, and the most recent three-year cohort default rate, if applicable, prior to signing this agreement.


Prospective students must contact the University to obtain an application packet. The packet will contain the required application and forms needed for submission. The student must contact all relevant institutions for submission of proof of graduation attesting to their academic qualifications from undergraduate institutions for admission to the graduate programs or submission of proof of high school completion for admission to the undergraduate programs. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that all documents and forms are complete.


Admissions decisions will be made within 30 days of receiving all required documentation. Students will not be admitted to the University without the required documentation and application fee. If an applicant does not accept their admission or fails to matriculate within one year of acceptance, the applicant will need to go through the admissions process again. This means that the applicant must resubmit a non-refundable application fee, application, documents, forms and information required for admission to their selected program. Previous admission does not guarantee readmission.

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